The Augusta-area's home 

for the sports of Ireland

Hurling and Gaelic Football are the national sports of Ireland, and you can play them here in the Central Savannah River Area. This is the place for anyone interested in taking up these ancient, yet fast-moving and relatively unknown sports here in the United States. Check out the site. Learn about the games, but most importantly, come out and join us for some good-spirited competition and fellowship.


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Augusta, GA 30907

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09/11/2012 09:39
If you are interested in participating with us, please send an email to and we will fill you in on the details. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch soon.

Gaelic Football

08/06/2012 14:03
The Augusta Hurling Club is a dual-sport club. We began playing hurling's sister sport, Gaelic football, and are looking for anyone who enjoys soccer, basketball, rugby, or other similar sports. Please check with us about our practice schedule to give the sport a try. Email us at...