Do I need to know how to play hurling or Gaelic football before I come to a practice?

 No. Just come join us, and we'll show you the basics.

What if I'm not that much of an athlete?

 It doesn't matter. People of all levels of fitness are welcome. After all, we're not trying to win an All-Ireland here.

I don't have any equipment for these sports. Can I still come play?

 Of course. We have hurleys, helmets and Gaelic footballs available for those interested in playing with us.

Where are your practices?

 We play at Patriot's Park on Columbia Rd. just to the West of town.

How much will this cost me?

 Nothing to play. We're just out to enjoy the game. Should you decide to purchase your own equipment (which is encouraged) then you can find hurleys, helmets, and sliotars online; you can find a good pair of cleats at your local sporting goods store.

Where can I watch a game of hurling?

 Live matches from Ireland are shown at Fado Irish Pub in Atlanta. Taped matches are aired on the MHz network, which is available through your certain cable or satellite providers. There are many portions and clips of matches uploaded to YouTube.

Is this that game where they slide the rock on the ice and sweep in front of it?

 No. That's called curling and is primarily played in colder climates.

I thought hurling was just another word for throwing up?

 No, it is a 3,000-year-old sport, the national sport of Ireland, and it is catching on in all over the world.

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